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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Southwest Key Programs Aiding Austin Economy

Southwest Key Programs, an Austin, Texas nonprofit enterprise, recently received $700,000 to help create new jobs in Austin throughout the eastern part of the city. Southwest Key Programs is among 44 other community development corporations (CCDs) across the nation to be awarded such a prize from a Community Development Grant from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families, and the Office of Community Services. This funding is given to aid programs that address economic self-sufficiency of suffering communities. The grant money will be awarded over a period of three years.

Funds will be used to support Southwest Key Maintenance, a program created by the organization with the goal of creating 71 new Austin jobs for low-income residents. These new jobs will provide a range of commercial Maintenance, janitorial, and landscaping services to Central Texas business for affordable prices while simultaneously aiding the economy.

The organization's founder and CEO, Dr. Juan Sánchez says that the program "Will Benefit the residents of Govalle/Johnston Terrace, a high-poverty neighborhood, and surrounding low-income communities in East Austin by creating entry-level jobs with opportunities to advance and move toward self-sufficiency." He went on to say that Southwest Key Maintenance is "providing job opportunities right here where East Austinites live and work. The revitalization program will set the stage for lasting economic benefits."

The nonprofit organization provides housing for the children of illegal immigrants, causing it to be the subject of criticism by those who oppose using government funding to aid those who are here unlawfully looking for jobs in Austin. Despite controversy, Southwest Key Programs received millions in federal contracts last year alone.

The Austin-based organization is the third largest nonprofit in the area. In the coming months it will celebrate it's 20th anniversary with the grand opening of it's new 30,000 square foot East Austin Community Development Center, where it's job creating Southwest Key Maintenance will be located.

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