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Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dallas Employment Scene

Dallas, Texas is one of the top ten largest cities in the U.S. when compared to similar cities with over a million residents. Its status among the largest cities in the country make it a virtual paradise for job seekers, offering a huge array of opportunities in technological industries, financial services, telecommunications, and transportation.

Gaining and maintaining its status as a major metropolitan city in the country did not come without its share of volatility in the economy. Dallas saw economic slumps in the early 2000s along with much of the U.S., but that picture has now turned around and the current and projected economic growth and demand for Dallas jobs are excellent for this bustling north-central Texas city.

The population of Dallas continues to grow as the need for employees escalates in various business sectors, and particularly in the high-technology industries. Dallas has often been referred to as the "Silicone Prairie," being compared to the famous "Silicone Valley" breeding ground for technological advancement and growth.

Technological opportunities are interspersed throughout the region, including continual recruiting for qualified employees in the life sciences, semiconductors, and telecommunications sectors. According to the Dallas Chamber of Commerce, the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex holds about 43 percent of the state’s high-tech workers and even more are needed as spiraling growth continues.

With a renewed economic upturn and a strong demand for high-tech workers, Dallas is an optimal place for young singles and young families. The median age for Dallas residents is approximately 30 years old making it a very "young city."

Not only are job opportunities in Dallas attractive for young people, but the city offers an abundant variety of entertainment with culture, sports, and family entertainment all included.

Dallas is home to the country's largest State Fair which is held at the enormous Fair Park entertainment and recreational complex. The Dallas Aquarium, nearby Six Flags over Texas, and the Dallas Zoo are just a few of the incredible sites and entertainment spots for young and old alike.

The city of Dallas is steeped in the arts and culture as well with operas, museums, and galleries easily accessible and affordable. And the legendary Dallas Cowboys provide sports entertainment for dedicated fans and local residents. Entertainment options in this mega-city are endless.

Whether you're looking for jobs in Dallas, career advancement in an existing field, or just an exciting and invigorating place to live, Dallas, Texas is the place to look. And particularly, if your interests and talents lie in technology, look no further. The economic outlook for the region is strong and job opportunities are unlike any other.

Dallas is a city on a fast-track for continued growth and prosperity. The wheels are in motion and you just need to grab on, hold tight, and enjoy the life!

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