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Monday, December 17, 2007

Retail Jobs in San Antonio

San Antonio is the second largest city in Texas. Its metropolitan area alone has a population of over 1.3 million, which means a large customer base for any kind of retail store that you could possibly want to work for.

The River Walk is a great place to start if looking for jobs in San Antonio. This is large tourist attraction for downtown San Antonio. It is a beautiful walk way along the river and many shops, restaurants and bars line this walk. If you are looking for a jobs online in this industry, I suggest taking your resume and going for a walk. You'll probably find more hiring signs in the windows, than on any website, but in case I'm wrong check out Shop River Center.

The Alamo Quarry Market is a different place to work. It has a factory design, with giant smokestacks, and protruding beams, made with an open concept that offers a mega-gym, and lots of stores, boutiques and restaurants.

If you are looking for retail jobs in San Antonio, check out San Antonio CVB. This site lists all the shopping malls in San Antonio, plus if they have a website, it's listed as well. It's a great database to start with.

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