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Saturday, November 03, 2007

Top Sites for Internships

You just graduated from high school or college and are looking for an internship. Where do you look? The most logical place would be the internet. And there are a lot of great websites.

CollegeGrad is a great place to start. They offer you the ability to search jobs in your area of interest. They have a wide range of jobs from working with a major league baseball teams to being a drug councilor. If you are looking for an internship job you should start there first. They list both US and Canadian jobs. Another great feature is you can post your resume on there for potential employers, and it’s free. also lets you search jobs and see the details without registering. So it makes a search fast and easy.

The next highest page ranking site is It is also free to use and you don't have to register to search jobs. It’s mostly based on the US market, but does have some international jobs. allows you to also search by the most popular, by company name, and US city. Plus there site loads fairly quickly, another plus. I don’t think they have the job database that has, but if you’re looking for international, this would be your site.

After College seems to be a popular one. This one has both Canadian and US internships. Plus it seems to have a wealth of internships available. It is also free to use and you don’t need to register to search jobs.

And remember if you really want an internship somewhere, go in. Bring a resume and try to sell yourself. You may be just what they were looking for, or you may create an opportunity for them to hire you. At least you tried. And by trying and being professional you are on your way to your career.

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