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Tuesday, October 02, 2007

State Of Minnesota Job Outlook

The state of Minnesota has conducted some very impressive analysis on data collected for the purpose of defining the economic impact on individual road-users after the collapse of the I35w Bridge which served as the primary passageway and route for commuters to its down town financial district. The state hopes to curb the loss of jobs throughout the economy due to this unforeseen occurrence. Having lost 600 jobs in Minnesota in this month of September 2007 alone, they feel it is imperative that they define how these costs relate to the economy as a whole.

The state anticipates losing a total of $60 million dollars due to the collapse of this portion of the roadway and infrastructure. Initial estimates placed the impact to the state’s economy at $400,000 per day. After much analysis and data number crunching they have announced that despite belief this event will impact the entire economy the costs to the net economy are closer to $113,000 per day given that individuals are absorbing a large share of the economic burden. Even so, the state is bracing itself for further job loss and direct economic hardships that loss of this bridge has created.

While, of course, the state department of transportation had no real reason to believe such an event as the collapse could have ever happened, it does seem to draw attention as a bit of a cautionary tale for other states to take notice. In the event of a major loss for the traveling population to and from places of employment, can other states economically sustain themselves in the face of such enormous loss?

While each state, and the Nation as a whole, working towards self-sustaining its population of residents. It seems no particular state has devised an absolute model for others to follow. In addition, the lessons learned from the I35w incident seem to have been ignored. Yet, from a human resource standpoint, in order to maintain a thriving economy, states must begin to allot funding to maintain infrastructure to its major financial and commerce districts or suffer the economic losses as the state of Minnesota now is realizing.

In respect to economy and employment, all things will somehow affect the whole no matter how minute they may appear or how magnanimous the suffering from the incident, the machine must continue to roll on or it will ultimately suffer in the long and short run as a whole.

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