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Thursday, October 04, 2007

20 million monthly classifieds

Thats how many ads get posted to Craigslist every month. Last night I went to Hartford to see their founder, Craig Newmark speak at a technology panel hosted at the Bushnell. Jimmy Wales of Wikipedia was also there.

What struck me was just how small these companies are compared to their competitors. Craigslist has just 23 employees. Wikipedia just 10. Craigslist gets over 6 BILLION monthly page views and now appears in more than 450 cities with 50 more planned. CL makes millions of dollars (I've heard about 10 million/yr) and only charges for ads in a few cities.

Monster on the other hand, who is losing ground to CL has over 4,200 employees. Of course Monster makes a lot more money than CL but having that many employees seems like such a bloated way to run a job board.

Can't be too hard. I run 30 sites by myself.

Perhaps Craig should buy Monster and put them out of their misery.

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