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Thursday, September 20, 2007

What's it like to be a...

An accountant, a pilot, a Teacher, etc. The goal of a new site called The Career Project aims to help you answer the question of what its like to work in thousands of different jobs. According to their site; is a new interactive career research tool that allows you a personal and uncensored look into thousands of real jobs through the eyes of the people who have them. Each career profile has three sections; an extensive interview with the participant about their job, a detailed personal account of an average day on that job, and a place where you can ask each participant any additional questions. Learn what people really make and do all day, what they really love/hate about their position, how they got their job and what they suggest for you to do to find a similar position and much, much more!

They do charge a fee of $6.99/yr to get access.

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