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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A social network for career advice

I must have 'web ADD' or something because I cant stop making websites.

My latest experiment can be found at For a while this domain has been home to just a few pages like my bio and quotes from my book. But I decided it was time to turn it into something more. Now everyone can participate in this new social network for job hunters and career advice professionals.

What is it?
Powered by the Ning platform, the Secrets of the Job Hunt Network, is a site where career advice givers and seekers can connect and interact with one another.

Who's it for?

  • Jobseekers: connect with a career coach or post an interesting article to our blog.
  • Career Coaches: promote your services and post advice to our forum or upload a video.
  • Resume Writers: promote your services, upload samples, make a name for yourself.
  • College Career Counselors: learn the latest & greatest in job hunting, connect with other career professionals.
What can you do on it?
Post to the blog, start a group or discussion, upload a video, message other members.

Why it's needed?

Most career advice professionals are scattered across the web in little web sites with few visitors. This new network is more of a central hub where everyone can connect, share and learn.

We've got a few members already like Jason Alba of JibberJobber, Heather Mundell of Dream Big Coaching and Cheryl Palmer, veteran career coach. So check it out and give or get some cool career advice.


Yvonne LaRose, CAC said...

You know, Chris, there's a similar site that's been around since 2000. It existed on the traditional, one-dimensional discussion boards until the toil and tedium of keeping all the parts in various areas of the Net got to be too much. With the entrance of very integrated venues such as Ning, Entrances moved other there.

Now the job seekers, those trying to figure out ways to advance in the positions they hold, recruiters, coaches, and all other manner of employment professionals congregate and share.

In fact, I invite you and Alba to join Harry and me (and several others) on Entrances so that we can cross promote one another. Who knows. Maybe we can do an advice fest or something at some future date.

Love to have ya!

Women's Safety Systems LLC said...

Hi Chris, I just joined the Secrets of the Job Hunt Network and looking forward to contributing.

You interviewed me on the phone a couple of months ago.

Talk to you later,

Anonymous said...

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