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Wednesday, September 26, 2007

New Tool Alert: InterviewUp

Here's a cool new job search tool that looks like it will worth watching. Interview Up is about user generated interview questions to help you prepare for that all important interview. You can search, find, ask & share interview questions and answers.

They are still in Beta at this point but they set up a special registration for me and my readers. It's free. I like the idea of this site and it could prove to be very useful in the future.

InterviewUp offers Wiki style editing of questions and answers and provides features such as commenting, tagging, popularity ranking ('UP It'), and printer friendly formatting of questions and answers for offline interviewing practice. The popularity ranking feature helps one to quickly find the most common questions asked in the interview.

When you sign up for a free InterviewUp account, you can easily monitor your submitted questions. You can even choose to get notified immediately via email whenever your question has been answered or updated. Whatever the career path, InterviewUp has the interview questions and answers for your interview success.

Currently, there is not a single website on the World Wide Web which provides interview questions and answers for all career paths in one place. Plus, the functionalities of Wiki & Popularity index make InterviewUp – THE place for job seekers.

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