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Thursday, September 27, 2007

HotJobs launches Facebook App

Never one to be left out of the Facebook app party, HotJobs has now entered the race. Their are now about 18 apps by job boards in the applications directory.Strangely, Monster is nowhere to be seen.

Here's part of the press release they sent me:

Yahoo! HotJobs announced today the public beta launch of a Yahoo! HotJobs application on the Facebook Platform. Check out the site at Now, all Facebook users can share career search information with their networks of friends and peers.

What are the benefits – for users, job seekers and recruiters?

With the new Yahoo! HotJobs Facebook Application users can:

  • Search for jobs on Yahoo! HotJobs directly from Facebook and see what types of jobs friends are searching for
  • Create a list of favorite companies and share that list with friends
  • See where friends have worked and if any of those companies have job listings posted on Yahoo! HotJobs
  • Vote for friends on light-hearted career-related questions like “Who is ‘most likely to quit the corporate world and move to Tibet to become a monk’
  • Tag friends so everyone knows what friends are “like” in and out of the office

For the job seekers, the Yahoo! HotJobs Facebook Application:
  • Is a powerful way for people to leverage an existing social networking platform to share career search information and available job with their network of friends and peers
  • By listing companies in the “Companies I Heart” job seekers have a unique ability to target companies they want to work for and “catch the eye” of employers

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