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Tuesday, September 04, 2007

College kids: Your Major is Important, the #1 Entry Level Job Site, today released the results of its survey on what employers want most in hiring new college grads. Which is more important to entry level employers – the college you graduated from? Your GPA? Or what you majored in? According to the survey results, the answer may surprise you.

The information was gathered while compiling the list of more than 500 Top Entry Level Employers for 2007. Employers were asked to rank criteria in order of importance for hiring consideration. The full survey is available at: Top Employers. Following are the overall survey results:

#1 - The student's major (42%)
#2 - The student's interviewing skills (25%)
#3 - The student's internship/experience (16%)
#4 - Other miscellaneous qualifications (10%)
#5 - The student's computer skills (3%)
#6 - The student's personal appearance (2%)
#7 - The student's GPA (1%)
#8 - The college the student graduated from (1%)

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