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Thursday, August 30, 2007

And they call themselves newspapers?

I enjoy reading a newspaper, but yesterday gave me cause to banish them from my daily routine.

A career columnist who writes for a couple of major newspapers contacted me after I sent her an idea for a story she was writing. She was all set to quote me and write about my idea (a creative tactic for job hunting) when she asked for my title & company. I told her to call me a blogger and mention this blog.

Thats where things turned sour.

"My editors won't allow me to cite a blogger who competes with me", she said.

Are they kidding?

When I suggested she then cite me as the author of my book, Ultimate Job Hunting Secrets, she balked also.

I know newspapers are dying a slow death due to online job boards and other web sites, but if they truly fear a lowly little career advice blogger like me, they might as well shut down down now in defeat. They're digging their own grave.

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Andrew G.R. said...

Every time I think old media is evolving... they prove me wrong! And for the record Chris, you're more then just a "lowly blogger" in my book! ;-)