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Thursday, August 09, 2007

People searching with Spock

The digital dirt trail just got a little longer. The new people search engine is now open to all although its still in Beta.

It still has lots of little quirks and bugs to work out. I was able to find myself in their database when i did a search on 'Chris Russell'. I was the 2nd one in the list via my LinkedIn profile. So I logged in and updated my page. What's cool about it is you can tag yourself with various keywords. I also like the fact they allow to add variations of your name. So I added 'CM Russell' to my names since my book was published with that name. I was unable to add my picture for some reason.

It's said that almost 30% of the searches on Google are people searches. So it makes sense that a search engine dedicated to that niche would be useful. So if you are worried about being found online, go to spock and find/add yourself.

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Dan Schawbel said...

I used this a few times today. It seems that it is missing a lot of information and the server is slow. I look forward to see what this shapes up to be.