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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Online reputation management with RapLeaf

Rapleaf is a new site that promises to help make the web a better place by using Reputation Lookup and Email Search. They offer integration with to following social networking sites: Flickr, Friendster, LinkedIn, MySpace, Plaxo, Ringo.

You can get a badge at sign up for your web page, blog or Facebook profile indicating what they think your reputation is.

According to their site:

Rapleaf’s goal is to make it more profitable to be ethical. Rapleaf is the only email-based reputation lookup on the web. We encourage you to lookup people’s Rapleaf reputation before transacting, hiring, or even interacting with them. We also encourage you to endorse your friends and leave feedback on buyers and sellers.”

Checkout Austin jobs at itzbig.


Dan Schawbel said...

i've used this before. I think it will be interesting to see others gravitate towards using it.

Dan Schawbel
Personal Branding Magazine

Dan said...

Thanks for the shout out! We hope to see Rapleaf become a valuable tool for job seekers and recruiters to learn about the people they deal with.

Please don't hesitate to email us anytime if you'd like to learn more.