Secrets of the Job Hunt


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Applying for a job, 21st century style

So I needed an intern for the summer to help with some small projects for my blogs and other sites.

Did I post the ad on a job board? No.

Did I place an ad in the paper? No.

Did I tap my network for referrals? No.

I did what any self respecting blogger would do. I posted it on my blog. About a week ago I announced I was seeking a intern for the summer. I requested that interested candidates should NOT send me their resume. Rather, ...I went new school on them. I asked they create their own blog and answer 3 simple questions on it. Who they are, what motivates them and why I should hire them?

This little experiment led me to Hannah Hershey, a college student from Penn State. She blew me away with her blog. I was impressed by her sincerity and attitude in the writing. I hired her.

Call it "Job Application 2.0".


Anthony said...

Cute…not too realistic…

Although it is a creative idea, 0.7% of business professionals that due blog, roughly 2% of them are hiring authorities. The odds of the typical candidate out of work and on blogs during the day might not reach the numbers it takes to land new employment.

As an Executive Recruiter, if I am out of work, my time would seem better valued searching the "old school" methods i.e. networking and sending my resume to hiring authorities (imagine that??) just makes logical sense to me.

I think it is clever and cute for interns or people with little or no projects on their plate, not practical for those who have bills piling up, while trying to adjust to the cruel world of unemployment.

C.M Russell said...

I disagree anthony. Blogs are a widely read medium, moreover, higher quality candidates are more likely to read a blog.

My experiment was no different than writing a resume and sending it in. No matter how an employer wants you to apply, you'll need to follow the directions to the tee. No matter if its a resume or a blog.