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Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Top 10 Interview Questions from Employers

Have you every had more than one project with the same deadline. How did you handle it.

Tell us a time you failed at at task.

Tell us about a recent angry customer and how you handled her.

Tell us about a project in which you were responsible for the budget. How did you stay within budget?

Tell us about a recent split second decision you made at work. How did you do it.

What's the last thing you and your boss disagreed about? How did you settle it.

What is the most significant presentation you've given to clients.

What was the most frustrating experience in your current (or last) job? The most satisfying?.

When you're asked to make changes at the last minute, how do handle that task?

Tell us about a time you took a risk and failed. How did you feel?

The interview is all about your preparation. By practicing questions like these before-hand, you will set yourself up for winning the job.

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Pragati said...

Hey C.M, Just wanted to drop a quick note thanking you for all your great tips. I have just started looking for entry level positions in Finance and couldn't tell you how much your blog is helping me in my hunt.

C.M Russell said...

Thanks Prag, glad I could be of service. Good hunting!