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Friday, June 08, 2007

Tool for Managing Your Online Profiles

MyLifeBrand is a service that lets user’s aggregate social networking memberships and interact with them from one interface.

MyLifeBrand supports sites like Friendster, LinkedIn, Bebo, Facebook, H15, Orkut, MySpace, and TagWorld among others. Users are able to add their contacts from external networks to their MyLifeBrand friends list creating a "master friends list". Nice touch.

With the sheer amount of online profile sites that exist right now, MyLifeBrand gives job seekers a way to aggregate them for efficiency.


Kristi Young said...

thanks! i've been crying about all of my gazillion profiles and here you were all along with the answers... :)

C.M Russell said...

Just call me the answer man! happy friday...

Dan Schawbel said...

I was waiting for something like this because it's so hard to manage all these social networks.