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Monday, May 07, 2007

Diversity Breaking Through the 'Glass Ceiling'

A lot of people don't know what the "glass ceiling" is, so first I will explain. For American entrepreneurs and / or hard-working people who are considered the minority in their area, it may be a difficult to almost impossible endeavor to reach the top. Even though workplace discrimination is illegal, it is still rampant. The "glass ceiling" simply refers to invisible barriers in which minorities are often confronted with. It's a big issue in regards to workplace diversity.

A minority in Webster's dictionary is defined as a "smaller number" (noun). Usually when it comes to diversity in the workplace, the minority includes women, or anyone having an African, Hispanic (Latino), or Asian background. The majority in America is considered to be white males. I personally believe it depends on the particular job or field one is attempting to become employed with, that will determine the status of being a minority or not. Although not mentioned or published (even reported as much, for that matter) is age discrimination.

So what can these unfortunate victims of workplace discrimination do to break through the "glass ceiling"? Well, first of all, be knowledgeable. Know what you are talking about back and front, side to side. Be intelligent and wise.

While wisdom and intelligence are often thought of as the same thing, they're actually not. Intelligence is more along the lines of education and storing up facts, while wisdom displays self-control and knowing what to do with these facts. Experience is a key factor. When one uses wisdom and intelligence together, even if they are a minority, there is virtually no stopping them.

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission gives the following advice:

Realize that you cannot be equal - you must be better than your competition for promotions. Although this sounds unfair, it is reality. If you are going to make a solid case for being promoted, it must be a clear case. Look to advance your career with a company that values workforce diversity and eliminating the glass ceiling.

When employing people for diversity careers or focusing on diversity recruitment, keep mindful of the "glass ceiling."

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