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Monday, May 07, 2007

Applicant Tracking System Breakdown

An applicant tracking system (tools, software ...) is meant to simplify and refine the Internet recruiting process by filtering matches between the recruiters' job openings and the applicants.

Functions can include self-service, variable process flows, interviewer training, validated assessments, job posting, scheduling, on-boarding, performance management, background checks, etc. It is like a database program that stores and retrieves the specific information a recruiter is looking for.

Many of these applicant tracking systems are free for downloading off the World Wide Web, while some may charge a fee.

These are just a few examples chosen at random. There are close to a hundred of these such applicant tracking systems available for purchase and download online. Pretty much anything from small businesses to large corporate businesses can use them.

The benefits of using this type of software for employment screening are: The basic initial questions/requirements are answered and fulfilled. It saves time and energy in the sense that when an employer reviews a paper resume and/or application, they will just have to inevitably type the information onto a computer database anyway for payroll purposes.

While providing needed organization, it can eliminate the potential risk of a resume or application getting lost or ending up in the wrong pile. It can also save the recruiter money and hassle by posting job openings all in one place online, as opposed to seeking out and buying space in a newspaper or television commercial airtime.

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