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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Finding Your Passion among the Wolves

Last week on the National Geographic Channel I saw a show called A Man Among Wolves. It profiled Shaun Ellis, a guy who is extremely passionate about his work. The ex-British marine lost his family, his friends and financial security by devoting his life to a pack of 3 wolves he raised since birth. He now resides in a tiny camper at the zoo where the wolves live.

I point this out to demonstrate the power of being passionate about the work you choose to do. Too many of us pick a job just to have one. We could all learn a lesson from the man among wolves. Now I'm not saying you have to abandon everything to follow your dreams but there is a lot to be said for finding a career you love. Just ask Shaun.

It took me seven years (after graduating) to discover what I love to do. Working in the online job search industry is a thrill and helping job seekers has become my passion. I wish all of you can find the passion in your next job. Just go for it.

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cathy said...

This is an inspiration, I couldn't agree with you more with you more. I think the foundation of this is to be passionate about self-education.