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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Applying internally? Read this post

I found this thread on Slacker Manager about how one job seeker applied internally to a job he wanted. It's a good example of preparation in action. He calls it Full Frontal Personal Marketing. And here's a snippet;

One reason I considered myself the underdog is that I actually applied for the job twice. The first time I applied, I submitted the standard resume and internal application. I was informed that my background wasn’t a fit (and, as I’ve already established, they were right). I sat on that for a few weeks, then decided to apply again. You know, because I can’t get enough punishment. Kidding. The job sounded really enticing to me, and I was certain that I had sufficient transferrable skills. So for the second application, I decided that if the interview committee wouldn’t or couldn’t "read between the lines" of my resume, I’d have to be more explicit. I decided to do the full-frontal personal marketing assault.

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