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Monday, March 12, 2007

Staffing Industry

The staffing industry has acted for the last few years as one of the major elements in the economical developments of countries worldwide and some could even say it has turned into a trend. Staffing industry goes hand in hand with the interdependency imposed between countries from all over the World by globalization. As a matter of fact, staffing industry is simultaneously a result and a leading agent of this social and political phenomenon called globalization.

If at the beginning of the 1970s, such concept as staffing industry was meaningful only to few actors on the markets, nowadays it has turned "global." As it proved already its usefulness in USA and some of the most developed European countries – United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands – it was little by little adopted all over the Old Continent, including after the fall of Communism Central and Eastern Europe, but also in Latin America and East Asia.

The staffing industry is important to the economy in general because it affects, positively, the efficiency of any company's activities. The improvement of a company’s efficiency through staffing industry is possible thanks to its understanding of how competitiveness works. This mainly has to do with identifying talent in itself and its usefulness for a company’s well-being. The special knowledge of talented people can and should be transformed by a company’s management team into its secret key to achieve the competitive advantage so necessary to surviving on the market. This means finding the right people, for the right positions, for the right time. Such a goal can be attained either by assigning extra tasks to persons already working for the company, or by temporarily hiring extra people.

Staffing industries are directly connected to the activity of the staffing firms which provide consultancy as for work force solutions in general, including staffing software solutions as well. Such specialized firms are also very useful when it comes to assessing the employee productivity – due to their objectivity, which cannot be guaranteed if the job would be assigned to an in-house department –, or training – which requires teaching experience and skills, apart from the knowledge of a certain field, and which for sure are features difficult to find in the case of the previously hired personnel. In the case of recruitment, as statistics show, staffing agencies should work hand in hand with in-house personnel in order to identify the person who fits best the nature of the job.

Staffing agencies assure full responsibility for their services and in order to assure the highest quality of the consultancy provided to their customers, they had to specialize. This is how, nowadays there are staffing companies specialized in fields such as health care, information technology, administration and secretariat, management, engineering and research.

In the developed countries, nowadays there are not only specialized staffing companies, but also specialized publications in both printed and electronic format, there are laws especially designed so to regulate all aspects related to this field of activity, there are associations and affiliated members dedicating their time to the existence of this industry. Little by little, the concept of staffing industry is also spreading into those areas of the world with a lower economical development and which follow in most situations the example of their "big brother."

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apeksha said...

hi thanx for the information on staffing indusry but i would like to have some more information like its future prospect ,contribution in world's economy and in indian economy. so if u can send me any information related to this plz send me on my id .

anurag said...

can i have the information which apeksha needs , too

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