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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Doing your own resume email campaign

I didn't realize CareerBuilder lets you resume blast your resume to recruiters. But according to Jim Stroud, a recruiting blogger, there's a better way to do it without spending the 60 bucks CB charges. Jim received an email newsletter from a job seeker.

Talk about a great way to stand out from the crowd. Using Constant Contact, this job seeker sent Jim his resume in a most interesting way.

"He submitted a resume via a CRM system called “Constant Contacts” (see the arrow below) and the beauty of that is he can track who has actually read his resume, when they read it and if they forwarded it on to someone else. I like this from his perspective because it takes away the ambiguity of whether or not I received it and (judging by how many times I opened his email, or forwarded it) if I have some sort of interest."

This is a great example of an out of the box job hunting tactic.

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