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Sunday, February 18, 2007

Online Background Checks: Coming Clean About Candidates

Of the online recruitment vendors with a national or international focus, no one does online background checks more extensively than InfoLink Screening Services Inc. It may well be that for most of your open positions the full array of InfoLink background services won’t be needed, but it’s assuring that the firm can provide all that you need in the way of candidate verification.

Its basic search - probably all that most employers would need for non-management positions - include three online background check services. They are a report of criminal history, a motor vehicle report, and a verification of social security information.

As part of the criminal history report, InfoLink searches area court records, both Municipal and Superior. Any additional locales in which the applicant resided could be searched as well as the present county of residence. A U.S. or Canadian employer could be provided a national search as well. Conviction of felonies and misdemeanors would be included in InfoLink’s report to the recruiting manager. While many aspects of the InfoLink background check are online, the vendor does not rely solely on the Web, as some online information can be 90 days out of date.

InfoLink excels in thorough online background checks thanks to its stringent policies on motor vehicle and driving record searches. While some firms only check DMV when job tasks require the employee to drive the company car, InfoLink believes driving records reveal important information no matter what the job might entail. Driving records, for instance, tell about suspended licenses, arrest warrants and failure to appear in court. DUI convictions unearth drug or alcohol abuse, as well.

An absolutely crucial part of the InfoLink online background check service is a verification of social security number and information. Its First Alert product lets the hiring manager know immediately that the social security number is valid, or suggests that it might not be so. The InfoLink social security trace package provides a more extensive glance into the social security information provided by the job candidate.

Once the social security number is determined valid, the state in which it was issued, and the year, will be displayed. The employer will also be able to see if the number has been used in a death claim already filed, or if there has been any fraudulent activity associated with the number. If the owner of the social security number has any AKA’s (“also known as,” as in aliases) they will be noted. The hiring manager will also see up to three addresses prior to the candidate’s current one. Not only will this aid the recruiter in verifying dates and places of employment, particularly via Internet recruiting – as well as gaps in work history – but it will also provide the geographic areas to be included in the local criminal history search.

Additional online background check services by InfoLink include employment verification, search of state sexual offender registries, state and national incarceration records, credit history, a report on judgments and liens, verification of military service and professional certifications, and a history of workers’ compensation claims.

Online background checks by InfoLink leave nothing to chance in the recruiting and hiring process.

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