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Thursday, February 22, 2007

Las Vegas Healthcare & Nursing Jobs

Through out the United States there it is expected that the healthcare field will be one of the fast growing areas of employment over the next decade, due in part to the country’s aging population. Offering positions that range in levels of expertise, required education, and salary one is likely to find a job that fits what they’re looking for. From medical coders to cardiologist technicians to the highest paying positions of specialized doctors, this is most definitely a diverse field.

For those already involved in the healthcare professions there is a good chance that they may be visiting Las Vegas, Nevada in the near future. Medical conferences and meetings with over three hundred attendees were up one hundred and forty five percent when compared to the statistics of ten years prior. In 2006 alone, Las Vegas held one hundred and four meetings, all of which boasted an attendance of over three hundred individuals. Following the search for Las Vegas jobs in numbers of medical meetings held was Chicago, Orlando, Washington D.C., San Diego, San Francisco, Boston, and Atlanta.

Still despite the number of individuals attending such conferences in Las Vegas, there is still a shortage of medical professionals, particularly filling nursing jobs in Las Vegas. In 2001, nurses made up sixty-seven percent of local hospital staff. Instead of getting better, things have continued to go down hill.

Much of this is caused by a huge population growth. Add in the fact that fewer nurses are being trained in this region and it causes an inability to meet staffing demands. There is also competition with California, who ranked 50th in the country for the number of nurses per one hundred thousand patients, when it comes to recruiting qualified individuals. Nevada, ranked in at number 49th in the country, is in desperate need of registered nurses.

With both states doing all that they can to attract nurses into the area, any one not opposed to a job related move and is qualified for such a position, might do well to look into such a possibility.

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