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Monday, January 29, 2007

Ziggs Zagging with new social networking tool

In the shadow of more popular professional networking such as Linkedin, Ziggs has existed in a low key manner hoping to surf into their own mindshare. Today they announced a new tool for those of you who cant get enough social networking. Its called Ziggs People Hub. Here's the PR that just came out;
Boston, MA (PRWEB) January 29, 2007 -- Leveraging their expertise serving the professional market with a people search engine and personal brand management services since 2004, today Ziggs announces the Ziggs People Hub™, a new free online service that gives individuals the ability to organize and personalize the Internet around their people, their work and their lives. The Ziggs People Hub allows users to customize their own online hub for organizing and communicating with people and assists them with the management of a variety of everyday online activities that are central to professional life.

The foundation of a Ziggs Hub is an easy-to-use, unified online home for organizing your network of contacts. The most efficient way to create your personalized Ziggs Hub is to instantly import your contacts from Outlook, Yahoo! Mail, Hotmail, AOL, Gmail or an Excel spreadsheet. Once in your Ziggs Hub, organize your people with Ziggs Group Builder™, easily creating meaningful, customized groups such as co-workers, consultants, colleagues, college alumni contacts, even friends and family.

Once your people are visually organized into intuitive groups, you will be in position to improve your frequency of contact and strengthen your relationships with each individual through your personalized Ziggs Hub™. You can email or instant message your people with the click of a mouse. In addition, Ziggs lets you aggregate your most frequently used links into one easy-access location. Personalizing your Hub with links to your favorite news sites, bank accounts and preferred online stores completes the centralization of your daily web activity into one easy-access online home at your Ziggs Hub.

Whats interesting is the fact they've integrated partners like Starbucks into the mix;

"We are also delighted to offer a unique set of integrated, peer-to-peer online services for professionals from our three new category partners; services that are designed to give Ziggs members new convenient ways to strengthen relationships and improve efficiency in daily business-related tasks," added Tim DeMello. "Ziggs is pleased to announce that we have teamed up with, PayPal and Starbucks to deliver these new services. Now transactions such as showing appreciation by sending a cup of coffee, sending payments, and sending gift incentives are centralized, simple and easy to do."

Both the Ziggs Index of Professionals™ and the Ziggs people search engine - developed over the past two years - are now integrated into your Ziggs Hub to provide up-to-date, searchable content on millions of professionals. Ziggs' next generation people search results display the most authorized and actionable information on professionals available today, including communication icons, services icons and content icons that enable the searcher to find and connect with people with greater understanding, accuracy, and rapport.

Ziggs also provides the most powerful and elegant online profile service available today for free. The Ziggs Profile™ for professionals has been enhanced with the ability to add new content that's important to you in your Ziggs listing, such as a resume and/or blog. To help you keep your fingers on the pulse of search activity to your online profile, Ziggs sends you an email alert every time someone searches and finds your Ziggs Profile. Ziggs also provides personalized metrics that inform you how often your profile and other content is viewed online.

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