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Monday, January 29, 2007

Job hunting at work: everyone does it

NY Times has an article about the perils of job hunting at work. This passage pretty much sums it up;

Her story is not unusual. In workplaces where high-speed broadband Internet access is typically available and 60-hour workweeks are commonplace, many employees believe that the office is the most convenient or effective place to do a job search. And people who are unhappy with their jobs sometimes believe that they are entitled to use the workplace to find something better.

There are no statistics on the extent of the practice, but according to workplace experts and employees, it is widespread. The problem is that such activity is often against company policy and may even lead to dismissal.

So what can you do to hide the fact you're job hunting? Well here's a few tips.

1. Use a private web based email like MSN Hotmail or Google Gmail.

2. Use your lunch hour to fax resumes or make copies at the local Kinkos.

3. When possible, schedule interviews after 5pm.

4. Don't put your work number on anything. Instead use your cell phone for communicating with employers.

People will always job hunt from work. Thats why traffic to job boards is strongest monday - friday. I remember one job long ago (pre-internet) where I came in on weekends or at night to work on my resume and make copies. I did feel a little guilty about it. But the lure of a new job was too strong. And having a key to the office didnt hurt!

Whatever your situation, try and stay under your bosses radar. An unethical as it may seem, most employers know its happening and still tolerate it. Just be aware that it is a fire-able offense.

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