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Monday, November 27, 2006

Is anyone here a Marine Biologist?

Without a doubt one of my favorite Seinfield episodes was the one where George pretends to be a Marine Biologist to impress a woman. If you remember, Jerry was the one who 'gave' George this title when he made up a career for his friend after running into an old schoolmate who asked about him.

I think his line to George went something like this;

"Now I must tell you that she's under the impression that you're a marine biologist."

Of course George wanted to know why Jerry didn't say he was an architect...he always WANTED to be an architect!

He wasn't a very good job hunter, that George Costanza....

Anyway that episode got me thinking the other day what I would want to be if I had to choose a different profession.

My answer: a history teacher. I'm especially fascinated by American History. There's nothing like discovering how this country was founded and what life was like throughout the early years.

So if you could be something else, what would it be?

Add a comment if you have a moment.


Laura said...

I'm a hospitality & leisure consultant but I really want to get back into marketing, so I'll discount both of those as my "current" occupation. If I were to pick something entirely different, I'd be a nutritionist for sure. I took a few nutrition courses in university as electives and was really interested in them. I think it would make a great career.

David Douglass said...

Concert pianist! Imagine being able to play all that great music, backed up by a superb orchestra. What a dream, considering how clumsy I am.

Jason Alba said...

I always wanted to be a marine biologist.... I lived in Puerto Rico for 4 years and loved the ocean and all the criters in there.

2 problems - getting sea-sick too often and, well, not that good in biology class :p