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Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Job Search 2.0: tools for the 21st century job hunter

Today's job hunter has a variety of new tools and sites to make their search more efficient while maximizing their hunt and saving them time. Here's my list of the next generation.

Tools for Finding Jobs
* Indeed
* SimplyHired
* Jobster

Tools for Networking virtually
* LinkedIn
* Facebook
* Professional Associations

Tools for Personal Branding
* Blogs (i.e. blogger)
* ZoomInfo
* Ziggs
* Jigsaw
* RepVine
* WetJello

Tools for Career Management
* emurse
* JibberJobber
* MyJobTips
* JobSearchLog
* Isabont


Alex Rudloff said...

Thanks a for your continued support C.M.! I hope things are well!


Alex Rudloff
Emurse blog

Ryan said...

I noticed no mention of the "big 3". So are Careerbuilder, Monster and HotJobs out of the picture in your mind (also dice)?
What role will sites like play?

Take care,
Ryan Money

Jason Alba said...

I need to figure out how Alex manages to comment on every post about Emurse 3 seconds after it is posted ;)

Chris, I appreciate landing on this list. It is very exciting to be a part of this Job Search 2.0 thing... and as usual there are some great things coming out of JibberJobber that is keeping it current with the job search trends.

Are you going to expand on each of these sections in subsequent posts?