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Friday, October 27, 2006

Be nice to the receptionist

Everyone is judging you when you go on a job interview.

Or, so you should assume, career counselors suggest. That includes the receptionist, who is not merely there to alert your interviewer to your presence. It's becoming increasingly common for human resources execs to ask receptionists about job candidates' conduct - and to consider that input, said Annie Stevens, a managing partner at executive coaching and outplacement firm ClearRock. (DailyNews)


Kent Blumberg said...

And besides, receptionists are people, too!

Alexandra Levit said...

This is a great point, and it applies to hired employees as well. Your friendly, respectful demeanor should extend to everyone who works in your organization, from the maintenance crew to the CEO. If you save your best behavior and attitude for the higher-ups, people will eventually see through it - and besides, you never know who has the boss' ear.

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