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Monday, October 30, 2006

10 Secret Job Hunting Tactics

The Brazen Careerist, Penelope Trunk, who writes a career column for the Boston Globe, has a new article out which I'm quoted in. She offers up some interesting tactics for job hunting. Here's a brief list;

1. Hire a cold-caller
2. Use proactive recommendations
3. Use job hunting software
4. Turn a nonjob into a job
5. Use social networking sites
6. Date someone with a network
7. Try U.S. Mail
8. Write a blog
9. Comment on blogs
10. Be nice

I'm quoted in #7. You can read the full article here >>

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Mary Kurek said...

Good article - agree with all, especially the tip about hiring a cold-caller. I've actually done professional networking for job seekers and people who are expanding a business. Excellent for people who are shy, don't have good networking skills or simply don't want others to know they are looking. I might add, that when a job seeker is looking for someone to network on their behalf, they should be sure the person reports back regularly, doesn't over-edit job possibilities (the job seeker should be the one to dismiss an opp), and that the person can represent them in the way that they'd wish. Further, the job seeker and the professional networker should have a discussion ahead of time about expectations.