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Friday, August 18, 2006

Yet another example of how a blog led to a job

Jim Durbin writes today about a programmer named Chris Hammond that used his blog to get a job.

This post just proves my point that blogs (or any kind of personal website) are the resumes of the 21st century. In case you missed them here are some other examples I have have blogged about.

Joel Cheesman

Will Pate

Matt Bernius

Carolyn Duncan

Article from Globe and Mail


Alexandra Levit said...

This is a terrific topic, but with several million blogs out there, how do you get people to actually read your blog? For example, I'm a twentysomething career expert with a nice little blog, Water Cooler Wisdom, over at I update every few days, yet I still find that I generate more attention from my book, They Don't Teach Corporate in College, than my blog. Any suggestions? Thanks!

Carolynn Duncan said...


That's a great question. :) When I was used a blog in my job search, the truth is that it was a blog that I wrote specifically for that company, and wasn't my personal blog. I wasn't even a blogger at the time-- that's since changed!

I wrote the blog with the things I
wanted the company to know about me, which you can't communicate just from that first contact of "Hey, here's my resume..." and then I went to a community event, wrote the URL for my blog on my business card, and gave it to the COO when I introduced myself. (That was nerve-wracking!)

I can see using your blog in that situation, or also as an attention-getter either if you are initiating contact with the employer by meeting in person or by e-mail. And any attention you could pick up from a blog audience would be awesome, but more of a passive/residual marketing.