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Friday, August 18, 2006

Wage Exchange: user-generated salary info

For years, has been the defacto place to look up salary information on the web. But lookout, comes Wage Exchange. Their homepage describes the site as: online community where professionals anonymously share their salary. serves the following disciplines / job types:

- Accounting / Audit / Finance professionals
- IT / Software Development professionals
- Advertising / Marketing / Public Relations professionals

Most surveys just give you a wide range of other people's salaries. gives you access to the raw data.

No doubt they will expand into other disciplines as time goes on. I registered and went through a quick 5 step survey that gathered my info. I can't say I'm crazy about the interface inside as it was a little confusing when viewing the data. To run a query on the database you have to click a link that says "Search" which is not very intuitive.

Overall I'd say this tool has potential but it wont be really valuable until it is more encompassing of other industries and has more data. It is cool that you can see a specific persons salary history.

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