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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Resume Headlines - Headhunter Tips for Getting found on Monster

The Marketing Headhunter has a great post on refining your resume titles on Monster. But really his advice would work for anyone on any job board. The gist of the post is this:

"Candidates: You can get found a lot more easily if you know how to post your resume on Monster."

Every day he gets an email from the Monster resume database with a list of candidates. That list contains not your name, but the "title" of the resume the candidate wrote. And frankly, most people dont write good headlines.

It gets better;

"The Horrible Truth about Recruiters: If your Monster resume headline stinks, I won't open your resume. No recruiter will."

He gives some examples of bad titles;

Technical Director/Sales Engineer - Too vague. Director of of technical what?

Direct Marketing/Sales - Too broad. Marketing taxonomies included B2B, B2C, domestic and international -- just for starters.

Vice President Supply Chain - What industry? It makes a difference.

His advice to candidates: Change your headline to tell us what we need to know:

Function / Company / Industry / Salary / Relocation preference.

Like this: Email Marketing / Land's End / Multichannel Retail / $85K / Will Relo

Read the entire post here. If you do, he promises your "open rates will skyrocket".

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