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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Isabont: a new job search management tool

A few days ago, Simon Clay Michael the founder of isabont sent me an email introducing his new job search product.

According to Clay, Isabont was born from his frustration in his own job search... "though my frustration was with the lack of integrated tools to help a job seeker. After speaking with other jobseekers who also said they had the same frustrations I decided I would do something about it", he adds.

The job search tool is called isabont and provides:

* Everything you need to conduct an efficient and effective job search campaign - all in one place.

* An organized approach that links together your contacts, documents, events, and targeted positions.

* The right letter, resume or thank-you note - at the right time.

* Support to keep you on track and moving forward.

The tool is available for free but the premium features will cost you $9.95/mo

Other features include;

* document creator for resumes, cover letters, thankyou letters etc. and output in either doc, html, pdf, txt, odt or rtf formats

* create portfolios of information on companies or positions, save the job description with where and when it was advertized, track where each one is in the application process and link your contacts as either a connection or an employee.

* get unlimited reminders (premium level only) sent to your email or cellphone (US Cell phones only).

So will it help your job hunt? In short, anything that can organize your efforts will help you find a job more efficiently. Isabont does a good job of keeping you focused and up-to-date. Among the suite of new job search tools, it does as well as any.

1 comment:

Simon Clay Michael said...

thanks for the post and great words. This is awesome given we've been out here for less than two weeks.

I'm always keen to hear what feedback and suggestion folks have and please email me personally at isabont.