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Monday, June 12, 2006

What ticks you off about job hunting?

Ok job seekers, it's time to vent your frustrations. What ticks you off about job hunting? I came across an article this weekend that lists the top 5 things job seekers complain about. Is your reason among them?

Five things that really tick off job seekers by: AMY LINDGREN

By now we've all learned that complaining seldom gets you anywhere. Hot weather? It's not going cool off just because you're hollering about it. Bad service? You might get a coupon for a future visit, but don't count on the staff being retrained on your say-so.

And yet we persist in stating our displeasure about things that aren't the way they should be. On the theory that the complaint itself can be cathartic, I will now give voice to the countless readers of this column who have complained about the job-search process. Here, in descending order, are the top five complaints of the past year.






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Misc said...

Yes, I have experienced them all and they do tend to piss me off.