Secrets of the Job Hunt


Friday, May 12, 2006

"Please do not respond to this e-mail."

Those of you not looking for a job may not recognize this subject line. Those of you who are, however, may cringe at the site of the familiar automated response to a job application. Welcome to the world of Internet job search. Back in the day, hiring managers viewed follow-up from applicants as a sign of real interest and persistence -- qualities companies sought in a candidate. If you really wanted a job, you pursued it with letters and phone calls, demonstrating the same commitment you would to the position itself. Not today. Call a company and you'll reach a CIA-like switchboard operator who implies the HR people are hiding in a bunker somewhere, safe from ''job stalkers." Without a name, the operator won't connect you. She won't even tell you where to mail your resume. Instead, she will direct you to the Internet, where you can get the e-mail you can't respond to. (from BostonWorks)

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