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Monday, May 01, 2006

Missing Traits of Today's Jobseekers

The Society for Human Resource Management polled its members to determine what competencies their employers want in new hires, but can't find in today's job seekers. According to the respondents, the missing traits are;

  • professionalism
  • analytical skills
  • business knowledge
  • written and oral communications skills
What should you do with that information?

First, treat every interaction with an employer's representatives' whether it's an e-mail message from a recruiter, a brief introduction to a company representative at a career fair or a formal interview with a hiring manger as if it were an important business occasion. It is which means its not the time for casual dress or behavior. Second, if you possess some or all of the skills identified by the HR poll, make sure that you highlight them on your resume and in those interactions. The best way to do that is to identify the skill and then describe how you used it on-the-job to make a meaningful contribution to an organization's success.

Source: Weddles

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