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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Getting to the Point on Your Resume

Far too often I see job seekers write boring, 'looks like every other candidates' resume's.

For example, the OBJECTIVE part of the resume will usually say things like this;

Objective: a management position that will utilize my skills and experience within a dynamic organization.

And when it comes to the SUMMARY of skills I often see phrases like this;

SUMMARY: Experienced administrator with proven abilities for successful project management. Respected leader with excellent communication skills and team-building concepts.

The problem is that statements like these try too hard to SELL yourself and don't do enough to communicate your VALUE to the Hiring Manager.

The top of your résumé is the most valuable piece of real estate so you need to use it wisely. Tell the person reading it WHY you will help make them money or solve their problems. Anything less is a waste of your time and theirs.

Instead of saying SUMMARY or OBJECTIVE, be direct with an opening statement like this...

What I Offer XYZ Company as Your New Sales Manager

What follows next should not be a list of your skill sets (i.e. interpersonal skills, team player) but actual, powerful capability statements that a hiring manager can immediately associate with the right candidate. These would be things like;

* Penetrating and growing new markets

* Sales intelligence gathering and leveraging that information faster than your competition

* Listening to your customers so I can anticipate their needs

* Powerful sales closing techniques to increase sales

Statements like these enable your resume to stand out among a crowd of look-a-like resumes. It entices the reader to find the proof they need in the rest of the document. The result should be more interviews.

Now go out and get to the point job seekers. Your new résumé awaits.

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