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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Small Company or Big: How your application gets handled

There's a nice post by Mike Goldman over on the Electronic Recruiters Exchange about what you will endure depending on if you apply to a small firm vs a big firm. I have written about this in the past but he offers some new insights as well.

"In this tight labor market, most strong job candidates have their choice of several opportunities. This makes it more critical than ever to move quickly on hiring decisions.

Most of the smaller companies we work with have the ability to do this. The larger companies, however, are at a distinct disadvantage. These larger companies find it almost impossible to move quickly due to incredibly inefficient screening, interviewing and debriefing processes.


Small Company: Resume reviews and phone screens are the responsibility of a single individual. The entire process can take a day or less.

Large Company: HR screens all resumes and passes them onto the hiring manager for additional review. Given the immediate priorities of most hiring managers, this process can take several days to a couple of weeks."

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