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Monday, April 03, 2006

Are you a Frustrated Job Seeker?

Is your job search getting you down. Consider the following excerpt from an article I recently came across;

The worst thing a tired and frustrated job seeker can do is to conclude that employer reps and hiring managers are out to get them, that the job-search process is out of their control, and that they're the victims of some evil, monolithic power.

None of this is true. If employers didn't need people, they would never spend a dime on recruitment advertising or take the time to screen resumes, much less interview people. HR staffs have been cut to shreds thanks to countless budget-tightening exercises, and not all of the folks who remain are their organizations' best and brightest. That being said, it does you no good whatsoever to feel victimized. The more control you take over your job search, the better for you.

I often hear job seekers complain that employers don't pay enough attention to them. This is especially true of recruiting firms, whom many job seekers revile as out of touch, unfriendly job sources.

But as I often thell them, job seekers need to be much more positive & persistent in their efforts. The employers and recruiting firms of the world owe you nothing. You on the other hand owe it to yourself to put forth your best effort, even when things are tough. Job hunting is harder than its ever been. Therefore you must educate yourself on the job search process by reading blogs like this, by always networking, and keeping track of the latest tips, tools and tactics.

For the full article, read "Job Seekers Take Heart...and Control"

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