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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Improve Your Resume & Cover Letter Writing Skills

It's no secrets that good writing skills are lacking among a majority of job seekers these days. So whenever I find something that will help them improve they way they write I make it known. Check out the Writing Center at the University of Purdue. Click the section entitled 'Job Search Writing'.

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The Online Writing Lab,, provides a variety of "Job Search Writing" tips including formatting, resume sections, verb usage, word choices, font, keywords, appropriate content, proofing and mailing tips."

Many college graduates looking for their first job don't understand how a cover letter and resume should correlate," says Tammy Conard-Salvo, writing lab assistant director. "Cover letters and resumes are complementary. Use the cover letter to tell a story that emphasizes your skills, then that information or experiences you mention should also be included in the resume."

Conard-Salvo also says it's important to customize cover letters by tailoring them for a specific job's qualifications. One way to do so is use key words from the job ad."Don't just copy and paste names, but instead demonstrate that you have done research," Conard-Salvo says. "Some clients create one cover letter to mail to 50 people. That lack of effort will be apparent."

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