Secrets of the Job Hunt


Thursday, April 20, 2006

7 Unique Ways to Find a Job

I often here from frustrated job seekers who want to know why they cant find a job. Well, here are 7 things you can do today to break out of that jobsearch slump. All of them show you are a serious candidate with passion for working in your field.

1. Publish a newsletter (or blog) about your industry. Talk about current topics and trends and show yourself off as a subject expert.

2. Write a white paper that focuses on a hot topic in your industry. Find out what other colleagues are saying and offer your opinion on it.

3. Direct mail campaign targeting a set of employers you want to work for. Write a prospect letter and invite companies to contact you.

4. Find a Job Search Buddy. Team up with another out of work colleague and share ideas and tips. Keep each other motivated by meeting regularly.

5. Write a short book on your industry and give it away. A book gives you credibility in the job market. You can use services like CafePress and Blurb to publish a few copies.

6. Create a "press kit". Job hunting is all about self promotion anyway so create a bunch of documents: i.e., postcards, glossy flyers, brochures about you. Send them in a kit to employers you want to work for.

7. Write a Case Study. Do a short case study based on project that showcases your skills. It should have a challenge and results section. Send it companies who might have a similar need.

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