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Monday, March 20, 2006

On the Interview You Must Dress for Success

Everyone needs to dress the part before going on an interview. The way you look as you walk into an interview will have a large effect on the interviewer's first impression of you. As a job seeker, you must realize that you are "packaging" yourself to the prospective company. Therefore, you must dress for success.

An updated wardrobe is also something you should invest in. Consider this scenario, two women over 50 years of age recently interviewed for a job at a consumer products company. One applicant used too much makeup, had a bouffant hairdo and wore a flashy dress. The other wore light makeup, a stylish pantsuit and a more modern hairstyle.

Which one got the job? The woman who dressed like she was 40 did.

The way you dress in an interview should convey that you are a rising star. That means wearing modern clothing, stylish, younger hair styles and even things like new glasses. Never go too casual such as wearing sandals to an interview.

While dress codes vary widely at different firms, the basics are suits for men and a matching suit jacket and skirt with blouse for women.

Before you walk out the door for that next interview, give your look a job search makeover. Scrutinize your appearance and ask friends and colleagues for advice. Even recruiters can help you decide what to wear; just ask. But whatever you do, don't let your appearance seem outdated.

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