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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Can you spot the star in the crowd?

I just love this Fast Company print ad promoting their in house hiring center. It illustrates just what employers are faced with these days...namely that it's getting harder to find that star performer among a crowd of average candidates. And for job seekers, this ad is the essence of what you need to do get hired. You must rise above the masses. You must stand out above your fellow job seekers. You must brand yourself as a star. Do that, and the companies will come calling.

For a little extra advice on how to do exactly this, read these fine articles;

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1 comment:

RyanM said...

So I regularly read the links that you provided for candidates to stand above the crowd. I think that you could sum up a lot of the links by saying be different, be on the edge. As soon as a group of candidates take the same advise they are creating a crowd that they are all in. Over 50% of candidates lie or fabricate on their resumes to stand out and be different.
I believe that the hiring managers need to be more effective and efficient in finding the right candidates in the crowds.
The internet gave us the ability to find 100's of resumes for a single position. I believe that in time we will also find an efficient way to sort through candidates. (more than keywords, how can you sort through individuals using keywords?)