Secrets of the Job Hunt


Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Over 50? Use these interview strategies

Here are 5 strategies for handling job interviews if you are over 50.

1. Dress younger. Get a haircut and pick out an outfit or suit from a trendy store like Ann Taylor or Mens Wharehouse. The basic rule here is dress to impress. Don't look your age. Give yourself a makeover.

2. Emphasize that you work well with others. Especially those younger than you. Cite examples of past experience.

3. Have career goals. Even if you've "done it all" let the employer know that you have career plans that stretch another 5, 10 years.

4. Use the right body language. Look that younger interview in the eyes when you speak.

5. Shorten your resume. Stop listing your entire work history. 10-15 years is plenty. Dont list the year you graduated college.

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