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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Candidate Referral Sites: Part II

There seems to be no shortage of those new "referral" sites popping up these days (see Jobster, H3, YorZ, ...etc). I've discovered no less than 6 this year and I'm sure there are many more copycats where they came from. Now comes along and they claim to have a better mousetrap. According to Myzeek's Mitch Hunter, who contacted me today, Here's how it works...

An employer opens a search assignment on myzeek and puts up a placement fee for filling the position (suggested 10% of salary or $3,000 min). Recruiters that are logged into myzeek can browse the open search assignments and pick the ones they want to work with. If they have a quality candidate but no openings to place them with, they can refer them to openings on myzeek. If the candidate they refer gets hired, they earn the placement fee. ThatÂ’s it.

Myzeek is designed to use the professionalism of recruiters and their ability to source and screen candidates to help employers hire. There is no marketing for clients, feenegotiationss, or headaches. Apparently they are still in Beta.

If you're a jobseeker you can submit your resume here.

Now I'm sure Myzeek is no end all, be all solution but the idea does have its merits. It's basically like have an immediate pool of recruiters from across the country to fill your position. Each of those recruiters has their own database of candidates to search from. Think exponential! Their experience should help filter more qualified candidates. My guess is this will work best for higher level jobs and specialized techie jobs like Oracle experts. The smaller fee is also an attractive incentive.

On a side note: I'm sure contingency recruiters can't be happy about these sites cutting into their fees (they normally get 20-30% of a person's salary).

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