Secrets of the Job Hunt


Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Ignoring dates on job postings

One of the issues that's been bugging me lately is the job seeker's hesitancy to apply to jobs more than a week or two old. If a job is not "fresh" to them they tend to stop applying. What they don't realize however is that a company's hiring process is typically a long drawn out process. It may take them weeks before they even start interviewing. Just because a job listing is two weeks old DOES NOT mean the employer received all the resumes they needed. In fact, just the opposite may have occurred. Why? Sometimes a job just doesn't pull in enough resumes at the start. Then as it gets pushed down in the job board listings it gets less and less applicants. The moral of this story is this --- ALWAYS APPLY! No matter how old the job may seem, you just don't know if the ad attracted enough quality resumes.

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