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Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Glendale Jobs Get Bleak Outlook

Although this will remain a tough year for local residents, there are still plenty of places to find Glendale jobs.

Following in the footsteps of 2010, this year looks to be grim for the Glendale community and local job seekers. Last year was marked by fights with a Native American nation and a struggle to keep the Phoenix Coyotes in town. Local officials aren't expecting 2011 to be much better.

"Next year will be grim," Yucca District Representative Joyce Clark told Your West Valley News. "We are going to be dealing with more of the same economically and perhaps another wave of foreclosures. These are things that affect a city's budget and we are going to have to deal with those challenges."

"I believe in terms of fiscal policy we need to be conservative," she continued. "We need to keep focused, because unfortunately the current economic picture may be the normal economic picture for a while."

Even though the future of the economy is still pretty uncertain, local officials plan to maintain services by scaling back efforts on major projects. The community as a whole remains optimistic that Glendale can get through these trying times, in part thanks to the local employees.

"Our employees have been spectacular," Clark said. "They have had mandatory furlough days equal to a 5 percent reduction in salary. They've had no raises. They've been given greater responsibility with less money. Every department in the city has taken a budget cut. Based upon that kind of climate, our employees have risen to the task, done everything asked of them and more and still delivered the same or better service. That's not going to change."

If that sort of optimism flows out into the community, it should help everyone have a successful 2011. As time goes by and the economy continues to get better, more jobs will be created and the city, its employees, and local residents will find themselves in a better position.

The grim picture painted by local officials doesn't mean there aren't any jobs available. In fact, the greater Phoenix-Mesa-Glendale area continued adding jobs on a monthly and yearly basis during November as unemployment remained at an even 8.5 percent.

There are plenty of Phoenix engineering jobs (Click here), healthcare positions, education openings, and other employment opportunities to be had.

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