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Wednesday, May 04, 2011

King Soopers Jobs Benefiting from Rising Food Prices

Although rising food prices may be inconvenient for shoppers, they may ultimately result in the creation of more King Soopers jobs (Click here).

Officials from The Kroger Company, which owns many King Soopers and City Market stores throughout Colorado and supports many Denver jobs (, are predicting that food prices will soon begin increasing. While this is bad news for consumers, it's good news for grocery stores, as higher revenues support more jobs.

While food prices have been declining for many consecutive quarters, a benefit for struggling shoppers, an ever-improving economy and a growing customer demand are slowly driving prices back up, according to an article by the Denver Business Journal.

At the recent Barclays Capital analyst conference in New York, Kroger CEO David Dillon said that modest level of inflation is having a positive impact on his business. In fact, rising food and gas prices are allowing the company to create more jobs for local employees.

Kroger expects to see its sales increase by 3 to 4 percent this year and expects its overall earnings to range from $1.80 to $1.92 per share. Those increases could eventually result to an increase in revenues and the creation of even more jobs later in the year.

Cincinnati-based Kroger is currently the largest traditional supermarket chain in the nation. The company had total sales of $82.2 billion last year.

The company operates under almost 24 different names throughout many states. Kroger operations feature everything from grocery and multi-department stores to convenience stores and smaller jewelry stores in malls.

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